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Vegas in 24: A “Funky Fresh” Update!

Well, hello there, all you cool, gravity-defying cats! I know I promised you more Achilles love this week, but sometimes in the blogging-biz, you have to make room for breaking news. So instead, I am going postpone our Achilles talk until next week, in order to bring you the long-awaited part dieu to my Andy […]
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Your Achilles is Trying to Say Something; Listen Up!

I am lucky enough to work in a place in which it is totally normal to stand up in the middle of a meeting, perch myself on a chair, and crank out some eccentric heel drops. I am also lucky that my coworkers haven’t filed a formal complaint with HR yet over my recurrent dad-joke […]
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Pediatric Pain Management: How PTs Can Help Adolescents Overcome Chronic Pain

Adolescents have a hard enough time navigating life. But navigating those formative years with a painful chronic condition—such as juvenile arthritis, multiple sclerosis, or severe injuries—makes life that much harder. Struggling with chronic pain when you’re a teenager isn’t just painful. It can lead to problems like obesity, and compound issues of insecurity or poor […]
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Do Active Seniors Need A Personal Trainer Or Physical Therapist?

It’s important to maintain exercise, especially as you age. As physical therapists, you may be seeing more active seniors looking to stay fit after injuries or orthopedic surgery. But active seniors who are keen on keeping their bodies fit may be signing up for gym classes or doing routines that are no longer safe. Think […]
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How To Treat Neurological Problems With Physical Therapy

The phrase “physical therapy” most likely stirs up images of runners, gymnasts, and bodybuilders nursing fractures and sprains. But physical therapy also helps with conditions that disrupt the nervous system, which can occur in patient populations like seniors and those in skilled nursing facilities. AlterG client Karen Shuler, PT, DPT, owns Lifestyle Physical Therapy, LLC […]
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Physical Therapy: Yeah, it’s for You!

We’ve all been there before: blindsided with an injury that takes us out of the game, out of our job, or even totally out of commission. Oftentimes, we look for shortcuts and symptomatic relief in the form of anti-inflammatory or pain medications, when it would really be in our best interest to get to the […]
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Physical Therapy Boosts Orthopedic and Bariatric Surgery Outcomes for Obese Patients

Most people recognize that an exercise program is critical to weight management and weight loss. But for adult obese patients who are prospects for bariatric or orthopedic surgery, this concept is a double-edged sword. Exercise to achieve weight loss is necessary to prepare for both types of surgery and improve outcomes. For bariatric patients, it […]
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How Exercise For Breast Cancer Patients Empowers Them For The Fight

If you have patients who have been through breast cancer treatment, you know they’re on a brutal uphill climb. And the battle doesn’t end after the cancer is in remission. The lump may be removed, but people deal with the psychological trauma of how their lives have changed after treatment. Plus, they may be struggling […]
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Studies Show Exercise May be the Best Medicine for Parkinson’s Disease

According the the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation, “Nearly one million people in the US are living with Parkinson's disease.” This chronic, debilitating movement disorder has a variety of painful and mobility-limiting symptoms, including significant muscle tremors, bradykinesia (slowed movement), rigidity of the limbs and trunk, loss of balance, and unstable posture. Unfortunately, as of yet, Parkinson’s Disease (PD) remains incurable. There is, however, one major, clinically supported method for mitigating the progression of PD, and alleviating some of the symptoms: exercise.
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Hospital Associated Deconditioning: Resistance Isn’t Futile!

Patient data points to physical therapy as a highly effective mechanism for combatting HAD. Undertaking a program of early and vigorous exercise during a patient’s stay is perhaps the best antidote to the pernicious deconditioning effects of prolonged hospitalization. Of particular interest is the finding that supervised high-intensity exercise is a highly beneficial addition to a patient’s physical therapy protocol, when fending off HAD. Perhaps we shouldn’t be so quick to associate age with frailty; it turns out the fountain of youth may lie within ourselves, if we are open to a little bit of huffing and puffing to uncover it.
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