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Movement Is Medicine for Patients Suffering From Osteoarthritis

Is it possible for those with osteoarthritis (OA) to avoid or delay hip and knee replacement surgery through physical therapy and exercise? Studies show that minimizing OA pain and getting people moving improve function and may delay the need for surgery. With the help of technology, physical therapists can encourage movement by decreasing or eliminating […]
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Exercise: the Key to Maintaining Senior Mobility and Independence

Greetings from AlterG HQ! We hope everyone stateside had a fun, safely-pyrotechnic 4th of July. In honor of Independence Day, this week’s blog is all about maintaining mobility to retain independence. So blast off the last of those fireworks and let’s talk senior health! A recent U.S. Census Bureau report found that “39 percent of […]
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Eccentric Loading: An Achilles Tendinopathy Savior

Greetings, Anti-Gravity disciples. Some of you may have stopped believing that I would follow through on my promise to bring you part two of our critically acclaimed Achilles tendinopathy post. But please, don’t stop believing (hold on to that feeling). That’s right, today, we are tackling the Achilles monster with a vengeance. So gather ‘round, […]
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Exercise: the Best Medicine for Beating Back Dementia

According to the Alzheimer’s Association, more than 5 million Americans are currently living with Alzheimer’s. That means that every 66 seconds, a new diagnosis is made. Many of us are, unfortunately, familiar with the rapid onset and cruel, unsettling symptoms of this disease, by virtue of watching a loved one go through it. With no […]
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Stuck in a Rut On Your Road to Weight Loss? Try Defying Gravity!

It’s no secret that America’s collective waistline has been expanding over the last few decades. What may surprise you, however, is just how many extra notches we have had to add to our national belt. According to the CDC, a staggering 70.7% of adults are overweight, with 37.9% falling within the “obese” category. These startling […]
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Physical Therapy: Yeah, it’s for You!

We’ve all been there before: blindsided with an injury that takes us out of the game, out of our job, or even totally out of commission. Oftentimes, we look for shortcuts and symptomatic relief in the form of anti-inflammatory or pain medications, when it would really be in our best interest to get to the […]
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Physical Therapy Boosts Orthopedic and Bariatric Surgery Outcomes for Obese Patients

Most people recognize that an exercise program is critical to weight management and weight loss. But for adult obese patients who are prospects for bariatric or orthopedic surgery, this concept is a double-edged sword. Exercise to achieve weight loss is necessary to prepare for both types of surgery and improve outcomes. For bariatric patients, it […]
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The Psychology of Motivation: How to Get Your Patients to Stay the Course

Motivation is a funny thing. Some people will strap on their running shoes and hit the gym, even on a bad day. Some wouldn’t go even if you offered to pay for membership and drive them. Here’s how to tap into the psychology of motivation to get your patients moving in the right direction: toward […]
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How Exercise For Breast Cancer Patients Empowers Them For The Fight

If you have patients who have been through breast cancer treatment, you know they’re on a brutal uphill climb. And the battle doesn’t end after the cancer is in remission. The lump may be removed, but people deal with the psychological trauma of how their lives have changed after treatment. Plus, they may be struggling […]
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Age, Obesity, And Arthritis: How To Help Patients Overcome All 3

Remember when normal wear and tear was the main culprit for knee osteoarthritis? With a growing obesity epidemic, joint degradation—and pain—often come from excessive weight, according to a September 2010 study in research journal Current Opinion in Rheumatology. This is particularly true in 40- to 60-year-old age group of men and women. The trifecta of […]
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