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“Abnormal” MRIs and X-Rays From Pain-Free People: More Common Than You Think

Results from medical imaging – Xrays and MRIs – are not always the final word on pain and your ability to be physically active. These tools are vital in assisting medical providers to take an internal look at what ails us, but their ability to produce definitive diagnoses for the cause of musculoskeletal pains has […]
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Do Active Seniors Need A Personal Trainer Or Physical Therapist?

It’s important to maintain exercise, especially as you age. As physical therapists, you may be seeing more active seniors looking to stay fit after injuries or orthopedic surgery. But active seniors who are keen on keeping their bodies fit may be signing up for gym classes or doing routines that are no longer safe. Think […]
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AlterG in Aussieland: The Martin Cooper Story

Learn how Martin Cooper persevered through injury to represent his country in the mountain running world championship.
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PT Spotlight: Stephan Venter, Aurora Active PT

Let’s face it, running is a fickle sport. As a former competitive (and I use the term lightly) track and cross country athlete for the University of Colorado, and current distance running devotee, I am all too familiar with the thin line that separates peak fitness from season-ending injury. If you have ever had the […]
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Banish Low Back Pain with AlterG

Research shows that low back pain is responsible for more disability than almost 300 other conditions, globally, and that a staggering 10 percent of people around the world suffer from lower back woes. An exciting new study points to a relatively simple solution: exercise.
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Easily Achieve your 2016 Fitness Resolutions

It may be cliché, but the “New Year-new you” spirit is here again. By now we are all well-aware that, in order to achieve optimal health, we need to get moving! Physical activity is crucial to wellness, but often, our noblest of exercise intentions are sabotaged by musculoskeletal injury. With many people doubling-down on fitness […]
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Muscle Injury Treatment: Who Should Patients See For Relief?

When your patients suddenly get injured, they may wonder, “Who should I see about this?” Is it really bad enough to see a doctor? Is it minor enough that a massage therapist can work it out? Is it necessary to see a physical therapist for treating a muscle injury? The answer may surprise your patients.
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Losing 70 Pounds to Keep a Promise

  Meet Candace Brown Candace Brown promised her late husband, Walter Brown, that she would run the Boston Marathon.  Before he died, Walter had served as the official starter for the race for 22 years. In order to keep her promise, Candace used the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill to train for the 26.2 mile race, and […]
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AlterG Employees Get Fit on the AlterG

” Last week, four AlterG employees competed at and won the 2015 Penn Relays Corporate Distance Medley Relay.  We wanted to hear from them about their training and how they use the Anti-Gravity Treadmill. Jesus Romo is an elite runner who competed in the 2014 USA Track and Field Championships in the 3000m Steeplechase, where he […]
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What is Overuse Syndrome?

Overuse syndrome is a disorder where a certain part of the body is damaged by repeatedly overusing it or subjecting it to too much stress. The strain that causes overuse syndrome occurs when a body part is called on to work harder, stretch farther, impact more directly, or otherwise function at a greater level then […]
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