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AlterG Announces 2015 Physical Therapist of the Month

Body Owners does a great job overall. My physiotherapist is Jenny Shelley. She has worked to bring me to where I am physically. She took me by the hand and made it work for me.
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Physical Therapy Exercises: Why Your Patients Quit

All physical therapists have had them: patients who—despite your best efforts—miss a few sessions, don’t listen to your recommendations, or stop showing up altogether. Though physical therapy exercises are crucial for some patients’ recovery, they can be arduous to finish, for more than one reason. Steven Marano, PT, DPT, OCS, Facility Manager at Midwest Orthopedics […]
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4 Excellent Physical Therapy Patients You Probably Haven’t Considered

Physical therapy is about more than recovering from a torn ligament or sprain. It’s about restoring movement and strengthening people who are struggling with mobility and independence. Aside from injured athletes, stroke survivors, and people recovering from surgery, here are 4 excellent physical therapy patients you probably haven’t considered who may benefit from services that […]
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Losing 70 Pounds to Keep a Promise

  Meet Candace Brown Candace Brown promised her late husband, Walter Brown, that she would run the Boston Marathon.  Before he died, Walter had served as the official starter for the race for 22 years. In order to keep her promise, Candace used the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill to train for the 26.2 mile race, and […]
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AlterG Employees Get Fit on the AlterG

” Last week, four AlterG employees competed at and won the 2015 Penn Relays Corporate Distance Medley Relay.  We wanted to hear from them about their training and how they use the Anti-Gravity Treadmill. Jesus Romo is an elite runner who competed in the 2014 USA Track and Field Championships in the 3000m Steeplechase, where he […]
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AlterG Takes Home 3rd Title at the Penn Relays Corporate Distance Medley Relay

  AlterG for the 3-Peat! We are thrilled to spread the news that AlterG is now the three-time Penn Relays Corporate Distance Medley Relays champion! Last Friday, four AlterG runners (and employees) from across the country met in Philadelphia to defend our title. They ran their best in the cold night to secure a decisive […]
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A Brief History of AlterG’s NASA Technology – The Early Years

  First there was space… In the 1960s, NASA started sending astronauts into space. At first, people spent only a short period of time outside the earth’s gravitational pull. However, after the International Space Station was introduced, astronauts started extending their stay. The zero gravity environment began causing weight loss, muscle atrophy, and decreased bone […]
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AlterG Welcomes Advisory Board Members

AlterG is honored to announce the formation of its advisory board, consisting of leaders in the fields of medicine, physical therapy, and scientific research. These professionals will help AlterG discover how its innovative anti-gravity treadmill can be applied in the medical, rehabilitation, sports performance, and research arenas.
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AlterG Is Out Of This World!

Figuratively and literally!  AlterG was graciously mentioned in this year’s NASA SpinOff book.  This book features innovative technologies from NASA’s space and aeronautics program that transfer the benefits of NASA technology to many sectors of our society.  If you didn’t know already, AlterG’s “differential air pressure” technology was originally developed by NASA scientists to help […]
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Weight Loss Wednesdays: Jenn’s Road to Recovery While Losing Weight

We are so lucky to have so much interest in this blog!  I would like to introduce Jennifer Lucas from Spring Valley Chiropractic.  Jenn is an avid AlterG fan, utilizing the machine in a relatively new way: Weight Loss!  Jenn will be posting each Wednesday, which we have titled: “Weight Loss Wednesdays” to share her […]
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